About Globadev (home)

Globadev is specialist in retail and e-commerce and uses its revenue to make a positive contribution to the world. We make consumers happy with beautiful products and work at the same time on sustainable development of ourselves, our partners and the world.

Good working conditions, a green supply chain and products with small footprints. That is what we want. Globadev is a young organisation, but we have big ambitions. Together with many experienced partners we will make our dreams come true and

“be the change we want to see”

To achieve this, we will apply new, creative businessmodels: we will share our knowledge and expertise with the world, so that anyone can join in our concept and replicate it in time. Because we might be making a positive impact, but if thousands do the same thing, then the impact will be even greater.

Are you interested in e-commerce or dropshipping? Or are you a changemaker, contributing to achievement of the SDG’s?

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Who doesn’t want to do good just by shopping?

Lots of shopping-fun,

Cheryl Van Kempen
Founder of Globadev